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Getting to our Resorts – best Airport and Airline Choices

We recommend two primary Travel routes to reach us here at Joya Cyprus. The first is via local North Cyprus airport called Ercan airport. Which is around 40minutes away from each of our Resorts. Transfers are £35-£40 each way, if pre-booked with us. (Transfer taxis usually charge in sterling to get here) All flights into this airport have to come from Turkey. When you book your flight you will notice a simple transfer in Istanbul is required. Airlines are used to this and always allow enough time for this to occur. There are also airlines that simply stop in Istanbul airport, re-fuel and then continue. You do not have to leave the plane itself. The benefits of this route include: # Cheaper Transfers – often Free transfers if you are attending one of our Retreats or heading to visit friends. # It breaks up the Journey, the initial flight being about an hour, the second to the UK or Sweden being between 2.5 -3 .5 hrs. # Istanbul is a fun, vibrant, shopping filled airport, with a Starbucks, Café Nero, designated Smokers area and many other attractions. #It is easy to do and brings you directly into this country, no border control is required after leaving the airport. #Turkish Airlines (if you choose them) have tv and movie screens, provide free food and drink and have been voted the best in Europe for the last 4 years running.

Airlines to consider: Pegasus Flys to and from London Stansted, Gatwick, Manchester Stockholm and Copenhagen Turkish Airlines Flys to and from Birmingham, Manchester, Heathrow, Gatwick, Edinburgh Stockholm, Malmo and Copenhagen Atlas Global (also provides free food and drink) Flys to and from Birmingham, Edinburgh and London Stansted. Stockholm and Copenhagen.

TUI Airways’

(Some airlines name the airport Lefkosia or Nicosia in their flight search) - The second option is via Larnaca the EU South Cyprus airport. The journey to our resorts is around 1hr 15mins Airport transfers are £45 -£55 each way, if pre-booked with us. (charged in sterling through us, Euro if taken direct from airport.) *You will need to cross the border into this country, North Cyprus, around 20/30 mins into the transfer journey Benefits of this route include: Many budget airlines fly to this airport, in season. No flight transfer is required Greater choice of airlines. Airlines include Easy Jet, Jet2, Norwegian Air, Cobalt Aero, British Airways Aegean Air, Blue Air

Ercan Airport.

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