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Image by Dan Gold




The Joya Bar and Bistro is managed by an ever friendly and professional restauranteur Saeed. 

He always knows in advance when guests are returning to Crystal Bay Marina because they all love the restaurant, love the food and love the waiter service from his staff. They all contact him in advance while keeping in touch on Facebook! 

The kitchen staff are highly trained chefs, producing all the delicacies on this very extensive menu. 

Specialities are Indian dishes, Steaks cooked to perfection (exactly as you want them, not as the chef wishes to make it.....a rare find in Cyprus) plentiful breakfasts (both Turkish AND English varieties) and a wide range of International Cuisine 

The pool bar is open all summer long, from early till late, serving you cocktails by the pool, and keeping you refreshed and content!

Definitely one of the highest quality food in the whole Esentepe area, the Joya Bar and Bistro is the pride of Crystal Bay Marina resort. 

Going above and beyond the call of duty, Saeed and his staff will help you with friendly advice, sourcing taxi's, providing local area info and a great take away service!! 

Thank you Saeed and all your restaurant stars!!! 

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