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A beautiful building & iconic afternoon out

St Barnabas Monastery Just outside of Famagusta (aka Gazimagusa) you will find a gem of a day or afternoon out. The venue St Barnabas Monastery, includes a small gift market, a great café serving local foods, an artefacts museum, an icon museum and the monastery itself to discover. Parking is free, and you will be greeted by the adorable, friendly stray dogs who live at the monastery. The monastery itself was built in 477AD as a tribute to St Barnabas, as it is believed he died, or at least buried in the location. St Barnabas was born in the local town of Salamis, named then Joseph, or Joses. He went on to become a leading saint in the development of Christianity in Cyprus, with many followers. Parts of the building have been updated through the years, including during mediaeval times, 18th century Greek architecture and modern restoration. The church museum area has been left just as it was found after its last official use in 1976. It houses a wonderful colourful collection of paintings of religious icons, some fantastic looking chandeliers and original pews, lectern and other church furniture. Further along the Monastery venue you will find rooms home to an eclectic mix of historic artefacts from the bronze age up to roman times. Fun, interesting and thought-provoking artefacts, pottery, utensils, models and ornaments from a wide scope of history in Cyprus. The courtyard is a beautifully set area, with each of the traditional trees of Cyprus, the olive, carob and palm. A great place to sit and enjoy your Turkish tea, coffee and your must-try pancakes, created in front of you at the cafe area by a Turkish-Cypriot chef. We have included a map for you on our Facebook page (in 'photo albums'), copies can also be obtained in the office on Crystal Bay Marina.

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