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Visas and Passports

As it is possible to enter North Cyprus either directly to Ercan airport, or crossing the open border from South Cyprus, your Passport and Visa requirements are obviously the same as is the process of entry.

If you’re a British passport holder with at least 6 months left to run on your passport you can enter Northern Cyprus. Essentially, those who do not require a visa upon entry to North Cyprus include the citizens of European Union (EU) nations, Turkey, USA, Canada, Mexico, Israel, Japan, Singapore, Switzerland, Iceland, Norway, Australia, New Zealand.

All other nationals should check their position with regard to passports and visas with the nearest Embassy or Office of Representative of the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus.

When you arrive at the airport or the border (Green Line) you can fill in a small visa form with your name, nationality and passport number and this can be stamped instead of your passport. If you don’t fill in this visa form your passport will be stamped.

You can get complete and up to date information from the offices of the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus in London, telephone 020 7631 1930 or from the Turkish Tourist Office for Turkey, telephone 020 7629 7771.

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