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There are far too many attractions in North Cyprus to show you all of them, but here are some of our favourites....



At 732m metres above sea level, St Hilarion is the middle height of the three castles. It is said to have inspired Walt Disney in his design of the Disney fairy tale castle in Snow White.


Along the mountain range of Kyrenia, there are 3 crusader castles each with a different view and its own stories to tell.
Antiphonitis - Esentepe

Antiphonitis Church can be found 8 km from the village of Esentepe nestled in the mountains. A Byzantine monument, built in the 7th century was also once the centre of an influential monastery. Dedicated to the Virgin Mary, the church has had many interesting occupations over time, and is a beautifully maintained example of architecture. Well worth a visit if you have a little spare time.



Deserted, unspoiled stretches of golden beach are to be found all along the North Cyprus coastline. Natural pools and hidden coves are dotted along the shores just waiting for you to find them.

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