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First of all the Coconut Bar is a 100% Caribbean family business with Octave the chef (who was born in Martinique), Barbara his wife who takes care of the bar, the welcoming and the advertising (Barbara was born in Belgium) and then Emile and Louise their children who help them out in their free time.

Barbara says;

‘The history of falling in love with this island started 3 years ago when we came in holiday in North Cyprus.  During a visit to Nicosia we saw some advertising from the developer of Crystal Bay Village with very interesting prices of houses.

Back in the hotel that night we than got in touch with their sales manager and a lawyer to discuss all the possibilities of having a Restaurant built for us at one of their sites. Our preferred development was Crystal Bay Park (part of Crystal Bay Village)


The building has a lot of stonework which makes it unique and authentic. We have built very nice relationships with all the owners and locals here who after 3 years we consider more our family than our customers. And that's the atmosphere we try to create in the Coconut Bar. Our restaurant is unique across the whole island and that is our strength .

We could never have thought that Caribbean cuisine was so popular! Our menu ranges from our bestseller, the ‘Marinated Pork Chop 700gr(!) ’-to spicy Jambalaya, Jerk Chicken and Homemade Beefburgers. All of this with Cuban or Caribbean background music and one of the 15 homemade flavoured rum's.

Available from June till October every Saturday night are the famous Caribbean BBQ's.  In case you would like to try us out we would suggest to book in advance to avoid any disappointment.’

If you would like to make a reservation as advised, this can be done by;

Facebook at

Email :

or by phone on +90 (0) 533 8361394.

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