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Yoga at Crystal Bay Marina

Yoga can be a wonderful way of enhancing a relaxing vacation here at Joya Cyprus. Whether you are a seasoned yogi or would simply like to try yoga out during the privacy of your holiday, we have the class for you. Our Hatha Yoga instructor can teach classes for all levels to improve your flexibility, strength, focus and overall wellbeing. With the addition of empowering sun salutations in many classes you will find yourself feeling balanced, calm and leaving with a renewed sense of purpose. The classes are held in the lounge room next to the Joya restaurant at 10am on Weds and Saturday mornings. Fully air conditioned, classes also include calming aroma oils, a final relaxation period and a daily-angel card message for all who attend. Private lessons for 2 or more people out of schedule can be arranged with our main office on the Crystal Bay Marina resort. We do have mats, but ask that you bring your own if you have a favourite one. Only non-slip mats will be used.

Things you may not know about Yoga! # Yoga creates physical flexibility. This in turn supports your proprioception, your minds ability to feel safer, thus you stay calmer in more life situations.

# The forward fold pose is simple yet is a great way to note how quickly your body is ageing. A greater stretch down equals a lesser inner physical age.

# There are over 10 different types of yoga - It is important to try different types, with different instructors until you find the one that works for you.

# There are 8 principles of yoga, (known as Limbs) Postures are simply one of them. Some of the others include : expression, self-reflection, focus and meditation. # Yoga originated in the 5th or 6th centuries most likely in Indian culture. # Yoga is one of the most researched forms of natural health practices. Published studies have shown relief from migraines, chronic pain, sleep disturbances, asthma, high blood pressure, depression and anxiety.

# With dedication it is possible to try yoga in such places as on snow slopes, fallen tree's in forests, on bridges and even on horseback. Whilst our resort yoga sticks to safer, less extreme practices if you were interested in trying yoga on a paddle board we do actually have an instructor on our sister resort we could book for you!

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