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Hidden Gems of Kyrenia

Almost every visitor to Kyrenia, also known as Girne under the Turkish rule, visits the Harbour and Byzantine castle, still mostly intact and providing a charming rustic backdrop to the equally as pretty harbour area of the town.

However the longer you stay here the more you stumble across other gems the town has to offer. These are our top 7 Secrets of Kyrenia Town. We hope you can find even just a few of them during your stay with us at Joya Cyprus Tourism. # 1 The Church of Archangel Michael. Built in 1860, restored in 1990 this originally Greek church pays respect to one of the most well-known of all angels, the great healer Archangel Michael. A lovely crisp white building, housing an Icon Museum*. It is tucked away down the street leading between the Liman hotels restaurant and casino entrances. Once you pass them look to the left, behind you and the steps leading up to the church are visible. # 2 Cyprus Gift Boutique A gift shop with a difference! Natural, Hand-Made, unusual Cypriot gifts and great home-ware. Avoid the endless mass-produced holiday fridge magnets and other nick-nacks by finding this fantastic store, and just a bit further up the road from St Michaels church too. Canbulat Sokak. Traditional Fabrics, eco-friendly gift sets, salt lamps, handmade jewellery, hand painted stone coasters and much more! # 3 Trafo Art Gallery A recently re-furbished building hosting various artists throughout the year. Modernised by the local municipality to showcase unique sculpture, ceramics and paintings from the abstract to the traditional. The building used to be an electric station, but had remained unused since the 1960’s. It now hosts not just completed art to enjoy viewing but many art-based activities and classes too. Find the gallery on Cengizhanli Sokak in the town centre. Open every day except Sundays, 10am – 3pm. # 4 Museum of Folk Art A chance to see what a traditional upper class 18th century Cypriot home would have looked like. Including (but not limited to) traditional furniture, glassware, kitchenware, gold and silver objects, an olive press, agricultural tools and even clothes and bridal costumes. Head to the centre of Harbour to find this unique museum on a raised part of the pavement. # 5 The Hidden Towers. Kyrenia castle also once included medieval town walls, similar to the walls in Famagusta. All of the wall has now fallen, but some of the corner towers still remain. One is complete and the other has half still standing. As this tower is set slightly back from the road it is easily missed as you wander up and down, absorbed by the shops and bright colours of the street itself. You will find the best preserved at the beginning of the street named Atilla Sokak, opposite the Turkish bank as you walk down the hill of the main high street. The second is a little further up that road, between some buildings. # 6 3rd Generation Coffee shop New, modern healthy lifestyle café, coffee shop. Offering delights such as Lattes created with vegan milks, healthy snacks and sugar free desserts. Naturally inspired design with lush green succulent plants and Scandinavian trends. Definitely worth seeking out, there is a place to park opposite too! Rauf Denktas Cadessi (street), Karaoglanoglu. Turn left at the roundabout after the Wed’s Markets roundabout. # 7 Our last secret is the hidden meaning of the name Kyrenia, this actually means Mermaid. We couldn’t find any references to any mermaids being seen in Kyrenia harbour (disappointing I know) – however there is a brilliant store called Mermaid-Fabrics, a family run business in the Karakum region. It opened in 1963 and to date still creates wonderful furniture covers and curtains with beautiful unusual fabrics.

*Currently undergoing interior building work, exterior still viewable.

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