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Nordic Walking Holidays at Joya Cyprus

The mountains of North Cyprus are a national treasure. Many hours can be spent taking in the stunning views, rambling through the tracks, twists and turns, discovering historic ruins, ancient olive groves and guessing if you really are able to spot Turkey across the sea.

Hiking or Rambles can also be enhanced by taking part in our organised Nordic Walking experiences. With the additional use of specialist Nordic Walking Poles your regular walk is enhanced to support and improve your physical posture and balance throughout the walk. Nordic Walking is said to be one of few sports that uses almost every muscle in your body. So even at an easy pace you can be sure your health and well-being is improved every step of the way. For a week in November 2017 qualified instructor Fay Durrant will be leading Nordic Walks and Wellness seminars from our Crystal Bay Marina apartment site. You can take part in the whole Retreat Holiday or if you live nearby you can book to join in with individual Nordic Walks. If the events are popular Fay is happy to return and lead many Nordic Walks and share her vast knowledge on nutrition and further aspects of wellness. All walk routes are carefully planned alongside local residents to ensure your safety, varied levels of activity and the best views of course! For more information and booking details please visit Fays facebook event :

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