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The #No.1 reason you should be cycling in North Cyprus!

Few places in the world offer the cycling experience of North Cyprus. Offering terrain of all kinds from steep mountains to gradual hills, flat open roads to coastal twists and turns. You will find yourself passing many historic ruins, quaint vintage carob stores and even some of the oldest Olive and Carob trees in the world. No bike ride will be the same yet all have stunning views of our sparkling blue sea and rugged coastline. With the added benefit of hardly any traffic on the roads! One of the most unique aspects of cycling in North Cyprus is the low amount of cars on the roads. Travelling west from our holiday apartments you will find almost all roads are completely clear of traffic. Often with only a vintage tractor, or one the well worn Renaults of the locals to meet along the way. Although cars will be a rare sight you will almost certainly come across a friendly herd of goats to pass the time of day too as you glide by. Here at Joya Cyprus we can arrange a group bike ride during your stay. A bike tours or simply the hire of individual bikes and guidance on where to go for the best scenery and the nicest refreshment stops. Booking details for all our activities can be found here.

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